Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Who is “WE”

It is commonplace to hear and use the term “We”....All of us use this in various conversations that we have every day. Infact I believe, if I plot the frequency of the usage of this term over the last few years, I will see a nice upward trending curve. And I thought it to be a positive trend, as this small two letter word signifies “Inclusivity”, “Acceptance”, “Mutuality” and most importantly “Lack of Egoism”...Unfortunately there is another graph that is also showing an upward trend and that is of “Strife”, “Anger”, and “Mis-Trust”.

We have always known that when a positive increases, negative should decrease, therefore, it is rather ironical that two variables that have a negative correlation should follow similar trajectories in the same space time. There has to be a reason for this contradiction and to understand the real reason for that, I think, we need to deliberate more and demystify the term “WE”.

In the strictest sense “Pure WE” originates only and only when at-least two “I’s” are willing to abdicate their “Independent Will” and dissolve into a larger identity “We”. This can happen only when we truly surrender our Selfishness and Ego that represents “I” and become selfless and formless like Water to merge and take shape of “WE”...This “WE” is far bigger, better and powerful than its individual “I’s”...However, it is not easy for humans to become this “WE” as it is in contradiction with our basic nature. We are an “Intelligent” species that thrives on logic...and Logic forces us to act in accordance with the laws of “Causality” and “Reciprocity”; And complete surrender and Selflessness is neither based on Causality nor Reciprocity. Hence this state of “WE” is possible only when we move into the super conscious stage of “KNOWLEDGE” that does not need Logic.

However, we need not despair, as there is a lesser “WE” that is in conformance with the basic selfish nature of humans that works in the framework of Causality as well as Reciprocity...It is created when at-least two “I’s” find common ground and interest...Based on the level of commonality, varying degrees of “WE” get formed...which in turn lead to corresponding levels of gratification. At the highest level of commonality there is pure acceptance and no or little compromise...At reducing levels of commonality, the “WE” depends more and more on compromise and hence become weaker and weaker...

The Lowest form of “WE” is when it is used only as a Term to gain acceptance...It is only a form of communication used to sound more engaging and patronizing...This “WE” is negative that breeds more Individuality and Selfishness as it is used towards self gratification only...
I think it is the Negative “WE” that is being used by us more often in all walks of life and hence the unfortunate increase in the second graph...

Let’s start asking ourselves this question “Who is “We”? When we use the term next time...


  1. Wonderful - I am fan of your thoughts...I was thinking on very similar lines and this article helped :)

  2. Very interesting elucidation.
    Didn’t think there was so much to a WE!!

  3. A very apt observation & thought...

    I would also like to share that one of the ways to get oneself out of the “I” thought process is through expanding one’s state of life by growing from a “lesser self” to “greater self” which is a process of inner struggle

    Being too self focused and using “I” under the disguise of “We” are clear instances of people being in “lesser self” which results in individuals being driven in a life state dominated by “Strife”, “Anger” & “Mistrust”

    However, the minute we focus on expanding our life state to “greater self” through
    o Expressing intense concerns and unrelenting efforts for the happiness of others
    o Focusing on having dialogue with others to encourage them during their difficult times
    o Having a sense of gratitude towards all that we have received from people around us, irrespective of how big or small it might be
    , we start to transform our lives from a farce / disguised “WE” to the real “WE”. Further, as our being expands, so does our capacity for joy, to the degree that we take action for happiness of others.

  4. Yup i agree to the last part of the message..
    This sounds really selfish, but necessary and true.

  5. Great insight to the word WE, which is generally misconstrued by most of the people taking others for granted without actually seeking their acceptance or striking a commonality. Superb read and moreover it depicts the way of life we are currently living.