Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hail World's Largest Monarchy...Oops Democracy!!!

With every passing worry for the future of India is increasing manifold....Well..The reason of my worry is not increasing corruption, inflation or other pity things that the entire Indian populace seems to be pre-occupied with...I am worried about something more profound and urgent...Something that, if not taken care of now will have a huge impact on future generations of India...

Something needs to be done and needs to be done now as he is not getting any younger...Yes he is already 40...Infact I am surprised that he has taken so long and still not realized or fulfilled his duties towards the nation...Therefore I think it is time for the elders in the congress party to start "Satyagrah" "Fasting" or even pass a resolution to make sure that he gets married at the earliest...and give India its "Heir Apparent"...After all how can we imagine an Indian Monarchy oops Democracy without a Heir Apparent from the Gandhi Family...

After all Indian Politicians even after 60 years of democracy, still owe their alligence to Kingship or should I say Queendom (in the current era), otherwise how can one explain senior Congress Leaders whose Political Careers started before Rahul was born looking up to him to be their Messaih and show them the eternal light to tread into the future...

Or...Are they the smartest ones, Interestingly History suggests that they are...If we look at the Political History of free India, only Congress has really sustained as a National Party, other parties like CPI, RSS, Janta Party, Janta Dal to name a few have been like a flash in the pan...maybe because they did not have a perinneal source of Princes and Princesses...Maybe Congress has understood the Indian psyche much better than others...Probably they realize that we Indians have Heiarchy in our blood and that is the easiest way to mobilize us...Also, maybe it is a way for them to manage Internal Conflict and Aspiration...Whatever it is working for them...

Infact other smaller fiefdoms (Parties) have learnt their lessons, and are waiting for their Heirs from the Abdullah Clan, Scindia Pricipality, Yadav family, Patnaik household, Reddy Family and the list goes on...

Long Live the Indian Monarchy Oops Democracy...


  1. Vikram, I must say, this is a very nicely done, well thought through Blog and the compilations are amazing!!! I read through couple of articles (the monarchy piece, communication and Lokpal)and they have been elucidiated so effortlessly that you dont even realize when you have finished the whole piece. They truly connect with the "Aam Aadmi". Congratulations on a great beginning and I look forward to frequenting this BLOG more often and expressing my wanted/un-wanted views on your "Expression" :-)
    PS: The pictures and the captions below them call for a special mention. I feel proud to be associated with a great literary mind, a divine philosopher/poet, and above all an amazing human being. God Bless!!!

  2. Thanks Buddy for such kind words..Your comments are always welcome and the friendship is always cherished!!!

  3. indian democracy oops its a oxymoron
    congress genrally comes up with surprises like sudden hike in the prices and list wont stop if i start naming the other surprises and you never know when they would shock us with news that he is already married .Anyway ,congress always knew how to play polemically and we people also dont have any option considering the opposition parties are like bjp whose basis rests on racism itself and bsp which is even bigger a racist party in comaprison so we people finally conclude that it is better to cast our votes to congress.congress is practically indelible and for their heir who said he is an eligible bacehlor or any youth icon
    tell him to get married ASAP coz after one year there wont be any benifit of getting married

    Ankit Bhat

  4. Vikram, great article on our Indian Monarchy oops Democracy. This really tempts me to say a few things but guess, I will keep it within for now as to run a nation you have to be more than articulate else there are lots which are falling apart :)
    the other thing i cant miss is Dada's comments, not surprised but sure real happy to connect with him this way

  5. It’s great to see what goes inside the mind of a man who danced like a child with every good ball he delivered and every good shot he played…and we thought you were one of us…lol…Extremely well written Vikram…I really look forward to see more from you.

    The so called Indian Royal Family is associated with a number of “fact-based rumors” ranging from corruption to murder. No one was spared who ever tried to go against them, not even their own family member. About the 40 years old also there is a fact-based rumor that he has an “Italian mafia don’s daughter” as his girlfriend and it should not be a blow if they are already hitched. He was arrested at Boston airport with $160,000 cash which he could not explain, only after the then PM Mr. Bajpayee intervened he was released. He got into Harvard through donation quota (Hindujas had donated $11 M the same year to Harvard)…but he discontinued / was thrown out after 3 months. Travelled in the Mumbai Local train for the first time in his life at the age of 38 and became the Youth Icon…this 40 year old is reaping complete benefits of his family business called “Politics”

    We still have people alive who would argue that British Raj was better, these are the people who do not want to take responsibility of anything but expect others to take care of all their requirements. And in the process they are happy to ignore the “Treatment”. Most of us will not agree with such people, but in reality we feel more comfortable under a realm. It has been so for centuries and centuries…obviously it will take some time before it completely comes out of our system. And till then such Monarchy and their Anarchy will continue.