Monday, July 5, 2010

Lonely Night

Once in a deep night;
When the Sun was out of Sight;
Dear Moon did not come;
And stars too were few and some;
Dark Clouds had covered them all;
And it seemed, Rain was about to fall.

The breeze was thick and hard;
With trees shivering to the bark;
Silence as it is, was deep and profound;
With not even a soul around;
But staring at the sky, There was I;
Sobing at heart, about to cry.

Reminesences of someone as did come;
Heavier my very heart had become;
The sky started weeping and so did I;
Wetting the eternity, Leaving nothing dry.

But morn did come with sun in the sky;
Along with the rainbow of hope, so very high;
Early birds flew, chirping gayly;
Making the lifeless world look heavenly.

The sky seemed pacified, and so was I;
Both longing for a starry night with no sigh;
Because it is for this hope, the life sustains;
Unto the night that finally draws the curtains.

1 comment:

  1. I find these to be undistorted reflections of an honest soul and if this river keeps flowing unabated then I am absolutely certain that it will only become better with time, best wishes Mr Bhatt :)