Monday, July 5, 2010


Follow me !!! Ordered the fairy,
Which I did almost unconciously;
So transfixed in her beauty, I was,
My mind never had a second thought.

The blonde long tresses, and her roses red,
Those intoxicating oceans dropped me dead;
The glow she oozed blurred my eyes,
And in her presence I melted like ice.

She took me to the meeds by the river side,
Where we danced in the moonlight;
Exhaused to the full, I lay in her her lap,
And her sweet song put me off to nap.

My shut eyes opened, when the sun was high,
The heart grew heavy, and I heaved a sigh;
The fairy was gone without leaving a trace,
And along she had taken my very grace.

Narrating the saga, the stranger frowned,
And back into his thoughts, he was drowned;
Clearing his throat, he warned me, HEY !!!
To such a fairy, YOU shouldnt fall prey

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